Where I Am Now

I am a certified newbie in the world of digital marketing and as I write this have very little experience in the field. I find myself now, studying at management at university and have slowly come to realize that it may not be my strength nor passion. So as I progress through my current summer job as a digital marketing intern at an exciting new startup I am exploring my options in this relatively new field.

My aim here is to take you on my journey as I continue to expand my horizons and learn as much as I can about the online world: that is what it can do for business and for my personal career. The plan is not to educate my readers on SEO techniques or demonstrate methods for improving online positioning but to analyze this growing industry and how people are learning to adapt to the multitude of platforms and tools available to them.

Naturally, due to my minimal experience in digital marketing, my writing style will not be that of an experienced professional however hopefully I can bring together my knowledge of other areas of business and passion for the topic in order to encourage discussion and debate around the topic.

Hopefully my journey can open people’s eyes to new possibilities and hopefully help them on their way to becoming an Armchair Marketer.


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